Hot Grits

I’m truly a Southern Belle. Born and bred in Eufaula, Alabama. If you know anything about us country girls, it’s that we don’t play about our food, especially our grits.

Maybe a month or so later my husband and I finally ran into these Jim Dandy grits at Publix! Or maybe they found us? Super excited, I rushed home to make one of my all-time dinner favorites: fried catfish with cheese grits. Hot grits.

Success, finally! I had really missed the taste, but I think I more so missed the comfort that that down home meal brought back to me. Connections to memories from food are so real to me. Suddenly, those hot grits began to tell me a story, and one that I needed to be reminded of.

You see, I realized that more than the meal, I had been missing myself. The greatest component to any meal is love. You can feel it in the food, and that’s what truly gives you the feeling of fullness. That meal made me come back to myself. When I was a little girl, let’s say around elementary school age, I had a pastor who i absolutely LOVED! And he would always push me

Side Hustles That You Can Start Tomorrow!

Keeping a handle on your finances is hard enough as it is. Since the spread of Coronavirus, or better known as COVID-19, thousands of people have become unemployed due to state and federal mandated layoffs. If you are not a part of the ‘Essential Workers Crew’, it may be very difficult to find any type of employment. During my unemployment after college graduation, I acquired a few side hustles to keep my bills paid. Even though I did find a career after college, I sometimes continue to do my side hustles because… well, who doesn’t love extra money??? I have compiled a short, non-exhaustive list of side hustles (there are a few on here that I have not personally tried) that you can start as soon as tomorrow:

1. Instacart

Instacart Announces New Health & Safety Supplies For Shopper Community

Instacart is an app that allows you to become a personal grocery shopper and delivery driver! If you love grocery shopping (like myself) this is the perfect side hustle for you! The application process is super easy, and once approved, you could be shopping as soon as 24-48 hours after applying. All you need is a vehicle and a valid driver’s license! I personally use Instacart, so believe me when I say that you could make $200+ per day from this app alone. COVID-19 has had a huge positive influence on Instacart’s business. It has always been profitable, but now that many people can no longer /do not want to leave home, drivers are needed at an all time high! (That’s where you come in!) Orders are ‘On Demand’, meaning that they are first come, first served. Instacart shoppers are able to see which stores they are going to, how far away the store is from the customer’s house, and the items that they have chosen before you accept each order. Customers also leave tips (Cha-chingg!) that you are able to deposit DIRECTLY into your bank account each day. Your remaining balance gets deposited once a week. If you’re not the best shopper, no sweat, each order comes with instructions!

2. PointPickUp Technologies

point pickup - by Point Pick-Up Technologies, Inc. - Maps ...

PointPickUp is another personal shopper app, but easier! It is the delivery service used for Walmart deliveries. The application process is much like Instacart’s; the application is easy, and all you need to get started is a working vehicle and a valid driver’s license! Don’t want to grocery shop for your money? Perfect! Walmart employees will bring all the items to you, AND load them into your car. The biggest part of your job is following the GPS to the customer’s home, and taking the items to their door. You are not able to see the items that are purchased, however, you do get to choose which orders you would like to complete. This app also operates with ‘On Demand’ orders. The pay is a bit lower, but the work requires less effort! The first batch of orders drops around 2:00 A.M., so the early bird gets the worm! Also similar to Instacart, there is a huge demand for shoppers right now, so hop to it!

3. Freelance Writing

10 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria - 2018 tips

If you have a knack for writing, whether it’s creative writing, blogging, research papers, etc., freelancing allows you to make money simply with your awesome writing abilities! Although COVID-19 has forced many schools to close their doors, class is still in session! There are a sea of college students who would pay you to write their paper for them while they chill out during this quarantine. Maybe research papers aren’t your thing? There are many fashion, advertising, and even gamer agencies that are looking for writers to create blogposts for them. There are so many employers for this type of hustle, so your application process may vary. To get started, search online for anyone hiring freelance writers. Job sites such as and LinkedIn also show job listings for these positions. The best part is that you can freelance for anyone in the world from the comfort of your own home. Most employers will require you to submit a sample of your work, so get your portfolio ready!

4. OnlyFans

Of course I have saved the very best for last! OnlyFans is a hustle that is not for the faint of heart, and will definitely allow you to be creative, all while making your coins. Although it is most recognized for being a platform for porn stars, it is open to anyone that produces content and has a fan base. This service is also directly linked to Twitter, so many content producers gain fans simply from their tweets going viral. With OnlyFans, your social media followers are able to subscribe to your content at whatever level you choose to set your prices. Subscriptions to an OnlyFans account can start as low as $4.99 and go upwards to $49.99, depending on how big your social media following is. Whether your content be vlogging, uploading hair tutorials, comedy, or intimate film sessions, your fans can subscribe to you, and you can reap the benefits!

Life can get hard from time to time, and not having enough to support yourself financially can definitely get your spirits down, but we will always need to find a way to provide for ourselves and our families. This will always be a constant in our world, even during our current pandemic. If one of these hustles isn’t for you, maybe it will give you an idea, or motivation to come up with a similar hustle.

I hope that the readers of this blog will find my list of hustles was helpful. Ciao for now!

Dear Decade,

As I am sitting here writing this last blog post of 2019, I am in awe at how far I have come in this decade. Honestly, even in the last few months of this almost expired year, life has taken me in, and has given me lessons that I never thought could be taught to me. For these lessons I feel blessed, because no matter how many times I had to try and fail, I still tried. And child, don’t even get me started on the L’s. No amount of losses that I THOUGHT I took could ever compare to each lesson I learned that will mold and shape my future. That in itself has made me all the more grateful.

Via Gif Keyboard

At the start of this year, I had everything that I thought was making me happy. Ya’ll know… the usual things like money, fast friends, etc. If you guys have any older spiritual influences in your life like I do (Hey Saints!), then you will have heard the expression, “The devil comes dressed as everything you’ve ever wanted.” And sure enough, he did. My personal demons at the start of this year had me in such a dark place. I was feeding off of my own false happiness because at the time, it ‘looked’ like what I thought I was missing. And then I was self-diagnosed with a spiritual food poisoning. I was sick to say the least. Here’s a lesson for you, kids: Happiness fades, but joy is forever. The happiness that I had become to know and love so well, would often be tampered with by those things and people who were responsible for giving it to me in the first place! My faith was tested so many times, and in full honesty, it also wavered. But believe me when I say that throughout the rest of the year, I became to be the prodigal daughter. Faith can be renewed!

Via Gif Keyboard

At the beginning of 2019, I think I was ashamed to be my true self. I would shut down my own ideas before giving them the slightest chance to flourish, and all because I was fearful! Comparison is truly the thief of joy. Here’s a news flash for you friends; do whatever feels right to you and makes you happy. You will never truly live your own life if you are living to meet the expectations of others. Shall I go on with even more content for this topic?

I had the degree. I had the job that was paying me more than enough, and yet I was miserable. I took a leap of faith to find a job that would better suit my education. I am not even ashamed to say that I recently quit that job too, because I have never been happier! I was super afraid to be unemployed, but I think I was even more afraid to hear the opinions about me, a college graduate with no job. And then I realized that I was the author of my own life, and decided that my joy was worth far more than the opinions of others.

Via Twitter

I started this blog while at my last place of employment, and it gave me the freedom I had been missing for so long. Although media and writing has been a silent passion of mine, it is now coming out loud and clear, love. Being able to build my own platforms that allow me to do whatever I feel represents me the most was my biggest aha moment of this past decade. I am literally doing what I LOVE. I had a professor in college who had a lecture about life. Topic: “You can literally do whatever the fuck you want. Literally.” It was a cool lecture back then, but it’s really hitting hard right now. After expounding on my first passion, which is writing, I began hosting my podcast. It is currently streaming on Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. I am also now moving into music management, but I will have to keep those details for later on in 2020.

Via Gif Keyboard

Growing up, myself and others alike were always force-fed this asinine idea that showing the slightest bit of personality on Al Gore’s internet would ban you from making any type of living. I wish that whoever stumbles upon this article can somehow imagine me rolling my eyes at this point. In the latter part of this decade, as well as the future moving forward, so many people made a name for themselves by just truly being who they are. Who knew that sharing your personality with complete strangers on the internet could possibly make you a millionaire? Well now I am claiming that next spot!

Via Gif Keyboard

Each obstacle in 2019 that was overcome, has now become my blueprint for 2020. I have learned to speak life over any situation, whether good or bad.

In lieu of me sharing my own manifestations with you all, maybe this blog post will inspire someone to do what they have feared for so long. Every person in life will go through some type of hard time, or experience some type of struggle. The differences in each of us will determine whether we will go through it, or grow through it. I encourage you to grow! Make every day of this new year and new decade be everything YOU need it to be.

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What College Didn’t Teach You: The Post-Graduation Journey

College may have been the best time of your life, or it could have been one of your biggest challenges to date. You met some really cool people along the way, and yet, there were those who you also had to leave behind. This day didn’t come by surprise! You dedicated your time and hard work FOR YEARS, and today is the last day of your college career. You hair is laid for life, or your haircut is on fleek (hey fellas!) Numerous clips of you shaking the hand of your institution’s president, in exchange for that incredibly expensive piece of paper, have played in your head repeatedly. Everything up to this moment has unfolded exactly how you planned. Your tassel has now been moved from right to left. Your degree is secured, and you’re free to party until the sun comes back up. The sun just came up… so now what?


Maybe you will go back to school? More degrees, more money, or so they say. I’m still doing research on that. There are those of us who will be gainfully employed only days after graduation. (Pat yourself on the back, great job!) There will even be a select few of us who will get to travel abroad, and indulge in perfect freedom before having to dive into the real world of adulting. And then finally, there are those of you like myself: young and just trying to figure things out.


Up until about 30 seconds before I graduated, I felt like I had everything under control. I have always been the person who operates according to plan. And then college graduation approached, and every plan went out the window. My job at the time was paying me pretty decent, and even though it wasn’t in my field, I stayed with it for a while. I didn’t have a solid next move.

I told my parents approaching graduation that I just wanted to be genuinely happy and financially stable no matter what I did next. There were a lot of days that I was mentally unhealthy during the end of my senior year, and I feel that at this time, living my best semi-unstructured life is working for me. Reaching a higher place in life is a top priority, and I am still actively looking for jobs in my field. I am also chasing my dreams by hosting this blog as well as a podcast. As of now I’m happy. Working towards building a greater financial stability. But happy. And eventually, I will land that job. Speak things into existence kids, it works.


You see, kids, college prepares you for many, many things. We learn lessons about our future occupations, while gaining a comprehensive outlook on this well-rounded education. But no amount of school work will prepare you for the real life lessons you get from college. All the math equations in the world couldn’t help you figure out why you’re short on the rent this month. Or why all of those sure fire resume building tips still haven’t landed you a job yet.

College taught me to never give up. Ever. So what you don’t have that office job you set your heart on. Or the internship you held each summer didn’t land you the job you thought would surely be yours. No testimony without a test right? You have so much life to live. And when it feels like you haven’t done enough, just remember you haven’t been grown long enough yet. Keep swimming.

Alexis Crawford: May You Rest In Peace

My heart is really hurting to write this post. First and foremost, rest in heaven to such a beautiful soul, Alexis Crawford. Although I did not know this young woman personally, she could have easily been me. Any life taken, especially one taken with malicious intent, is a life gone too soon.

Alexis Crawford

Earlier this week, I posted to my social media accounts that Alexis, 21 and a student of Clark Atlanta University, had been reported missing. According to the Atlanta Police Department, on October 27, Alexis filed a police report against her roommates boyfriend, Barron Brantley, 21, for making unwanted sexual advances towards her. This was only three days before her disappearance on October 30. Just short of a week later, her body was found in a park in DeKalb County. Both the roommate, and the roommates boyfriend, are now being held as the primary suspects in this case.

Barron Brantley

I think we can all piece together what happened here, and that alone makes this even sadder. Police Chief, Erika Shields, provided information that not only were the two girls roommates, but they were also good friends. Her name is Jordyn Jones, and reportedly was the last person to see Alexis alive. She was also listed as a witness on the police report.

Jordyn Jones

My spirit is really troubled by an article I read, going further into detail about how all of this connects. You see, not only did Alexis experience these unwanted advances from the boyfriend, but she claimed to black out, and couldn’t remember what happened to her after Brantley followed her into her bedroom. Jones later saw Brantley standing shirtless, after repeatedly knocking on the bedroom door. He claims the two did not have sex.

Although the Atlanta Police Department did not specifically clarify, it was stated that either Jones or Brantley led them directly to where the body was. As of today, Brantley has been arrested, and charged with murder. Jones, 21, has a warrant out for her arrest, and is expected to be charged with murder as well. Sources say they think Jones has possibly fled Atlanta. This is a developing story, so more details will be sure to follow. Please keep this family, as well as the student body of Clark Atlanta University uplifted in this time of grief.

Young Bosses on the Rise

One of my favorite parts about my blog is my dedication to young black entrepreneurs in the Huntsville area. I myself am a small business owner. I know how hard it can be to start. I know it’s even harder to keep going when at first you don’t see results.

My initial goal was to interview, and blog about as many businesses each week as possible but…. inconveniently have an 8-5 right now. Bills gotta be paid y’all!


One of the hardest parts for me as a small business owner has been gaining exposure. I honestly don’t have a large following on my personal social media platforms, and paying for promotion from influencers with larger audiences is getting a hard no from my wallet. I even thought about doing promotions on my own page to gain followers. (Terrible idea by the way.)

This morning before work, I saw an Instagram post that really grabbed my attention. It said something along the lines of, “If you work for money, it will never come, but if you do what you love, the money will follow.” And then it clicked!

Via RCA Records UK

It’s hard out here, but there is enough money for everyone. Why not work together to get there? Starting on November 8, I will feature a small business each week FOR FREE. Your choice of caption, and photos. So let’s connect! The world is waiting to hear about your unique business.

If you would like to stay updated with this weekly segment, follow my social media channels:

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Rhythm and Flow

Before I get started, did y’all watch Rhythm and Flow on Netflix? If not, y’all can exit stage left until further notice. There will be some spoilers!


Netflix’s first ever hip-hop talent show, Rhythm and Flow, premiered earlier this month. Judges T.I., Chance The Rapper, and Cardi B went on a search to find rap’s next super star. Each judge visited their hometown (Atlanta,Chicago, and New York) to see what their city had to offer. They also identified with a person that they felt stood out the most during their visit home. The show was actually filmed in Los Angeles, so guest judge, Uncle Snoop Dogg, helped to choose some candidates from his hometown as well.

Like any competition show, you get a background story on a few of the contestants. You know every competition has to show a few story lines here and there, chile. Like I stated previously, each judge had a person that they felt was a strong candidate. I myself had my favorites. And I have my reasons, too. This show was beyond entertaining! You could go from laughing out loud to being in a living room concert within five minutes, y’all. My list ranges from the most underrated, to my all time favorite. Let’s get to it:

5. Sam Be Yourself:

Via SamBeYourself on Instagram

My boy Sam is EASILY one of the most underrated contestants on the show. Y’all know I’m always rooting for the underdog. Although Sam Be Yourself May not have been the best fit to be the next biggest rap star, he does have the work ethic, and the talent to take him even further. Like seriously, he plays the guitar, piano, makes beats, and the list goes on people! I see many producer credits in my crystal ball for this young man. Detroit definitely has another native to be proud of.

4. BigMouf’ Bo

Via bigmoufbo_official on Instagram

Sorry to everyone else, but this girl was one of my favorites, just based on personality alone. During her rap battle episode, Bo got into an argument with another contestant after she thought someone was laughing at her. From my standpoint, it seemed to be a matter of miscommunication, HOWEVER it made for great TV. (I’m laughing just thinking about it). Like, I was in tears, y’all. She was eliminated shortly after, but she definitely used the time she had to make people remember her.

3. Flawless Real Talk


As it turns out, Flawless Real Talk isn’t so new to being in the spotlight. The Rhode Island rapper was featured on BET’s HIP HOP Awards Cypher just last year. Now I’m going to keep it a buck with y’all, and say I thought Flawless was a little weak in his earlier performances. He definitely proved himself as the competition began to escalate. His performance with Jhené Aiko covering ‘Stay Ready’ was EVERYTHING.

2. Beanz

Via Netflix

I was so disappointed when Beanz didn’t make it further in the competition. She definitely deserved to be in the top 5 contestants. Honestly y’all, when she said she was a monster, I doubted her. Never judge a book by its cover! She ATE during her cypher challenge.

1. D Smoke

Via D Smoke on Instagram

Y’all should have known I would save the best for last! From beginning to end, D Smoke showed the talent of a true artist and performer. He undeniably deserved to be the winner. In fact, I knew he was going to win the moment he rapped in Spanish. Yes, y’all. A bilingual rapper. I have to be honest here… his finale performance killed everybody’s. He went from being a Spanish and music theory teacher in Inglewood, CA to being a rising superstar. Congratulations to this man!

I was definitely here for this first season of Rhythm and Flow. I know Netflix is really going to bring the heat with a second season. All I ask is that they keep the same panel of judges. (Like my opinion matters). If you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t worry honey, it’s still on Netflix. You call also stream the top 8 finalists’ performances on Tidal, and download the soundtrack on Apple Music. You’re welcome.

Reply in the comments below with your favorite.

Talk About It: Jesus Is King

After much anticipation, Kanye West released his 9th studio Album, Jesus Is King, late last night. Originally, the album was set to debut in late September, and then most recently on October 25. According to Ye, the delay was due to fixing some mixes on the project. We all know how controversial Kanye West can be, and he doesn’t miss a beat. It’s only been about 23 hours since the release of the album. Of course, everyone has already formed their opinions, so let’s talk about it.

Via Apple Music

Now, y’all already know Kanye is getting bashed SUPER hard for releasing a gospel album, because he isn’t a gospel artist. There are those who believe that he is playing church for streams and likes, and there are those who believe that Ye has truly found his deliverance. R&B singer Tank, went as far as to say that, Kanye was being disrespected by not having his album on the Gospel charts because he has a higher calling.

Via @TheRealRank on Twitter

Here’s my take on the whole thing:

So far, I have listened to the whole album twice, and counting. It keeps getting better every time. The album itself is only 11 songs long (27 minutes). It was short, and sweet, but carried a large message. Jesus is King was Kanye’s way of coming out as a full-fledged Christian, so to speak. In his song, ‘On God’, he mentions that until this revelation, he’s been living an un-Godly life. If you’ve listened to any of his music prior to this album, you would know that his faith in God has been evident from the beginning. It’s never been a secret. My guess is that now, since he has dedicated a whole album to his religion, people are taking issue with it?

Via Backgrid

Musically, I vibe with Kanye. The album was bomb, and I see it doing NUMBERS. I honestly feel that he is super talented, and sometimes, his outward persona, as well as people’s premature perceptions of him tend to get in the way of his talent. The world’s most infamous geniuses, whether in music or in knowledge, are always perceived as ‘crazy’, and are then left to over explain themselves to people who could never truly comprehend. I think Kanye was a hurt person plagued by mental illness, and his only way to express himself was with his faith in God, through his music. Sounds triumphant to me.

I have always identified myself with the Christian faith, however I like to think of myself as more spiritual than religious. It’s not really my job to judge another man, because ultimately, that won’t land me a spot in heaven. Everybody’s faith walk is different. If this man has truly found himself in God, why question that? And if he hasn’t, it really isn’t up to anyone to decide that besides God. How many of y’all are out here spreading the word of Christ? (Crickets) oh, okay.

I’m not saying I’m going to pack up my things and join his Sunday service or anything like that. All I’m saying is… the man undeniably produces great music. His personal life and views aside.

So. What is y’alls favorite song off the album? Mine is Hands On.

Who Ate All the Red Velvet?

This week I appear to be seamlessly taking L’s. I mean L’s across the board, y’all. Are you wondering which one hit me the hardest? This is kind of an emotional time in my life, so I feel your understanding and patience from wherever you are in the world, and I appreciate you. Y’all… Publix is SOLD OUT of their Premium Red Velvet Cake ice cream.

Via Twitter

I know, I know. Third world problems, right? WRONG! I channel every fiber of Drake’s whole being when I say, I’m upset. Seriously. Please don’t judge me, y’all. It’s just really that good. So good in fact, that last night I went to the four closest Publix stores near my house. (That last statement was made with absolutely no shame.) Let’s retract for a moment. I think I need to explain how this whole thing happened.


Lunch Break: The Cheap Way

Bienvenidos! It’s Resha K. checking in here with some seriously helpful information. If you’re anything like me, then you’re always looking for the next best deal, okurr. Let’s talk about lunch break, the cheap way.


Most of us average people get around 30 minutes to an hour for lunch, right? With that being said, no one wants to spend a bag on a meal that they can’t even savor. And in my best Sweet Brown voice, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. Can I get an Amen? Don’t worry, Big Reesh has your back!

Did y’all know that you can eat lunch at your local Sam’s club… and for less than $5? GASP!


Maybe I’m late, but it’s worth the read anyway.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Let me stop you in your tracks, because I know you’re probably thinking, “I don’t have a membership”. Guess what? You don’t need one! Eating at the cafe doesn’t require a membership, just your coins. I personally am a member, but I just recently discovered that the cafe was open to the public. My coworkers and I did the hard work and research for you guys on our lunch break, to get these cold, hard facts. You’re welcome.

For as little as $1.50 plus tax (Huntsville,AL), you can enjoy a Nathan’s hot dog with multiple condiments, along with a large choice of fountain drink choices. Other meal options include pizza, chicken bites, frozen yogurt, and occasional limited time offers.

Via Yelp

To each his own, honey, but my thin pockets and I will be dining at Sam’s Club for lunch break.

This was by no way an ad for Sam’s Club.