DOUBLE DIGITS: My 22nd Birthday

Original photo by Taresha Davis

Since my birthday was in June and I just started blogging LITERALLY in the last days of September, it seems like I’m a bit behind. Let’s rewind shall we? Before we get started, let me first take a moment to acknowledge all the Gemini’s all over the world. I see you guys, even y’all in the back!

Okay, back into the swing of things here. So as I was saying, my birthday was June 20, and I had been thirsty to celebrate my day in a major way. Like the broke girl I am, I scored an awesome Groupon deal for a two-day cruise to Grand Bahama Island. I know y’all are thinking “Two days, big deal” right? But seriously it was perfect. At the time, I worked 12-hour shifts overnight, and the cruise fit perfectly into my work schedule.

Original photo by Taresha Davis

Blonde braids and boyfriend in tow, we set sail from West Palm Beach to travel aboard the Grand Celebration. And may I just brag on Florida for a moment, please? Thank you to the whole state for Wawa, seriously. The drive from Alabama to WPB was SEVEN HOURS, and Wawa made the trip sooo worth it. If you know, you know.

This was my second cruise. Compared to the first one, the boat was smaller, but equally an overall awesome time. The island I visited was an industrial island, ie. the beach wasn’t there, sweetie! MILES AWAY. If you’re adventurous, like myself, you’ll trust the locals to drive you to the beach. If you notice the photos on this blogpost, you’ll see I trusted my adventurous instinct ; ) The beach was beautiful and everyone was friendly. In case y’all haven’t heard, everyone is nice on vacation. If you ever read this: thank you to all my boat buddies who got me birthday drinks. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

From meeting locals on the beach, to sharing dinner on board with fellow Grouponers, I couldn’t imagine a greater way to bring in my 22nd birthday.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
Original photo by Taresha Davis
Original photo by Taresha Davis

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