Who Ate All the Red Velvet?

This week I appear to be seamlessly taking L’s. I mean L’s across the board, y’all. Are you wondering which one hit me the hardest? This is kind of an emotional time in my life, so I feel your understanding and patience from wherever you are in the world, and I appreciate you. Y’all… Publix is SOLD OUT of their Premium Red Velvet Cake ice cream.

Via Twitter

I know, I know. Third world problems, right? WRONG! I channel every fiber of Drake’s whole being when I say, I’m upset. Seriously. Please don’t judge me, y’all. It’s just really that good. So good in fact, that last night I went to the four closest Publix stores near my house. (That last statement was made with absolutely no shame.) Let’s retract for a moment. I think I need to explain how this whole thing happened.

Last week my boyfriend brought a “surprise” to me. I know that you guys have Einstein IQ’s, so by now, I’m confident you’ve guessed that the surprise was the ice cream. Red velvet is our all-time favorite cake flavor, and this frozen goodness was our favorite… ON STEROIDS. Let me take your mental tastebuds on a journey for a moment, kids.

Via Instacart

Behold. Publix’s Premium Red Velvet Cake ice cream, one of the 8 limited edition flavors released for 2019. If my eyes were closed, my brain would think I was eating the real deal! Honestly y’all, the cake pieces in it taste like they’re holding grannies hostage in the back to produce this creation! The ice cream itself is so rich and creamy, and is spun with cream cheese icing. On top of the cake pieces y’all, it’s laced with roasted pecans. I was hooked, so we wound up going back about 3 days later, but it was all gone. From all four stores!

Via Reddit

My heart shattered into pieces. Publix played no games about that whole ‘limited edition’ thing, okurr. Luckily, someone in customer service assured me that it should be hitting the shelves again very soon. The Lord truly answers prayers y’all. And I plan to be first in line when the shipment drops!

So, have y’all experienced the hype? Comment below to tell me your favorite seasonal flavor!

2 thoughts on “Who Ate All the Red Velvet?

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t live near a Publix 😔 However, the mere description 😋 of their red velvet ice cream has me wanting to try it!


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