About Me

Hi there! If you’ve made it this far, my name is Taresha. Nice to meet you.

I’m originally from Eufaula, Alabama. It’s the Big Bass Capital of the world, even though Eufaula itself is much smaller in comparison. After graduating high school, I packed my bags and headed for college at Alabama A&M University. I can happily say May 3, 2019, I left my institution with a B.S. in Marketing, but I also left with the B.S. that comes with an adult life (insert eye roll).

I started this blog as a self challenge. In 2019 I promised myself to carry out every idea that I’ve always been too afraid to do, and blogging is on my hit list! Well, I hate to cut this short, but that’s all for now you guys.

Stay updated to really get to know me.

Graduation photo by Wesley Pellot
Original photo by Wesley D. Pellot
May 2019