Truth Is I’m Tired

Y’all. Today is really one of those days. I’ve been nearly asleep at my cubicle all day long. Each hour of the 8 hours I worked was met with my own drowsiness and lack of motivation. And by now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would I care?”. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t care either! (You can laugh now guys, I am)


But seriously. I know someone, somewhere in the world is feeling exactly the same way. Having those Monday vibes on a Tuesday? Me too, friend! Sorry not sorry to say I’m about to play devils advocate for a moment: Let’s just try again tomorrow! What? Did y’all think I was coming to deliver a sermon about pushing through your tiredness?


It’s okay to rest every now and again. Everything works with moderation, right? Maybe your body wants to rest, or in most cases, NEEDS to rest. Skip the gym tonight, sweetie. Put that chicken back in the freezer and order a pizza. You know you didn’t want to cook anyway!

It’s really okay y’all. The world will still need saving tomorrow.

Siri. Play Over It by Summer Walker.

Food Adventures: Beast Mode Food Truck

Y’all. Yesterday was Foodie Friday, and I have some news that I MUST share. I had the best burger of my entire life! And yes, I’m sure. (Trust me, I have eaten A LOT of burgers). Let’s all take a moment to witness the thing that changed my life. My mouth is still watering.

The Cuban Burger

Original photo by Resha K.

Let’s rewind for a moment here, friends. I need to go into full detail about how I stumbled upon this gem.

Like any other normal lunch break, I left my cubicle to satisfy my hunger for 30 minutes. But yesterday, I was on a mission. You see, I have been following Beast Mode Food Truck on social media for MONTHS! They’re typically in the same area of my office building, but for whatever reason I miss them every time. The stars must have aligned for me yesterday, because one of my biggest food adventures came into fruition (Not to mention I’m totally a food truck advocate).

Original photo by Resha K.

What y’all are experiencing right now is the Cuban Burger. Voted Huntsville’s Best Food Truck Dish, this baby is made with a 50/50 beef and Italian sausage blend patty, smoked ham, smoked Boston butt, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, honey mustard, and all stacked between a beautiful brioche bun. Sweetie…..


A representation of me after the first bite

I’ve never been more impressed. Not only was the food awesome, but the customer service was through the roof. The owner had such a beautiful spirit and inviting smile. I’m sure I will be a regular from here on out. I even brought my coworkers with me! I’m more than certain, it goes without saying that they were pleased as well.

Spring Mix Salad w/ Homemade Balsamic Fig vinaigrette

Original photo by Amanda Maforah
Bordeaux Burger

Original photo by Resha K.

If you guys are in Huntsville, or surrounding areas, I 100% recommend Beast Mode to be your first stop in the city! And tell them Resha sent you! I have included some links throughout this blog so you guys can stay connected. Also follow them on Instagram @beastmodefoodtruck to see their location each week!

Where should I adventure next, friends?

Talk About It: Mental Health Awareness Day

Did you guys know that yesterday was Mental Health Awareness Day? If you didn’t, I heard you say, “No, but thanks”. Y’all are welcome, by the way. Now, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Mental health impacts everyone you know, whether you realize it or not. Although it is something that we are familiar with, we have just barely scraped the surface. Protecting your mental peace is key. And we as a people, especially black people, need to get comfortable with the subject.

The black community is often last to jump on the bandwagon for recognizing mental health. And who can blame us, right? “What goes on in this house, stays in this house”, is so deeply rooted in our histories, that we accepted it because we didn’t know their was another option. I myself did not realize the impact it had, until going through my own cycles of depression. Yes, you heard me correctly. Even me too.

Often times, we automatically equate being mentally unhealthy to an obviously deep depression or suicidal thoughts. That’s not always the case. There is no “certain look” assigned to an unhealthy mind state. I personally would never consider taking my own life, but suicide linked to depression is a real thing y’all. Depression, period. It’s time we face it.

I’ve had times in my life where I didn’t want to comb my hair, talk to anyone, or leave my room at all. I’m also good at pretending to be okay, so generally, the people who were close to me in life didn’t notice anything was different about me. Because I didn’t ‘look’ like anything was wrong. I’m open about this, and unashamed because it’s okay to not be normal. What’s NOT okay is to not address it, and feel like you must be perpetually bogged down with whatever is affecting you mentally.


Everything about you is special, even those things that you feel are meant to be your downfall. But y’all, in order to move forward, we must first make peace with those things that are meant to tear us down, and then conquer them! Mental illness is not a death sentence. It can be your super power! (Shout out to Kanye West) And you’re not alone! Did you know 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in the United States? Some of those statistics include your favorite celebrities, too!

Let’s not limit mental health awareness to just one day, because it affects us daily. Never be ashamed to tell someone how you feel. Find a safe environment to release all your anxieties, I promise there is someone in the world willing to listen. If you are a person with a faith base, faith is your best friend. And will get you through a lot of trials, but you need a lot of faith! Don’t be afraid to see a therapist. Let’s let go of the stigmas associated with taking care of our mental state, because who better to care of you, than yourself? Am I right?

If you’re reading this, I’m there with you. And you’re not alone. Let’s be brave together, friends. One step at a time, we can conquer this subject of mental health together.

Talk About It: Is Fall Finally Making Its Arrival?

I don’t know about you guys, but sweetie… is fall fashionably late or what??? Ms. Autumn is definitely showing out, and I’m bothered. Now according to my almanac, the seasons were supposed to begin changing on September 23. If you’re reading this, you very well know that we’ve stepped into October. Some of you all may already be carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, but I’m in Alabama, and I’m STILL waiting.


This past weekend, Huntsville was a host for multiple events. Special shout out to my alma mater, Alabama A&M, for snagging the win for homecoming. People came out from everywhere this weekend to participate in what the city had to offer. And… so did the sun, y’all! Coming in at a whopping 97 degrees. Whew chile.

Via Twitter

You guys, I was sweating bullets! The heat knocked me off my feet, and knocked my wig off my head. Literally. Before homecoming started, there was a street festival held in Madison, AL. Beautiful event by the way. But the sun was so draining, that I was too exhausted to continue on in anymore daytime homecoming activities. I missed that jet.

Strangely enough, the weather made a drastic change the Monday AFTER homecoming. See y’all, fashionably late. There was a consistent rain fall with a temperature around 65 degrees for the day. My wig and I were no longer in harms way. Now here comes the tricky part; the weather in Alabama is unlike any other. It’s truly an experience, as it has a mind of its own. Especially here in Huntsville. The weather may change from snowing, to sunny, to rainy, and that’s all in one day folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m really counting on the weather to pick a side and stay there. But knowing the weather here in Huntsville, I won’t put my bottom dollar on it. Y’all keep me and my wig in your thoughts as we try to make it through this fall season.

Where are you guys reading from? If the weather is nice, I would LOVE to come!

Norma Romano: The MOST Underrated Character in Orange is the New Black

Pause. Don’t make that face. Y’all probably reading my title like really, out of everybody, Norma? Yes!


(Spoiler alerts if you’ve never watched the show). (And shame on you if you haven’t).

Here’s why. From my understanding, acting is not an occupation that just any old Joe can do. (Shout out to Joe Caputo). It is a performance. Acting requires hours of hard work and dedication. In a sense, you leave who you are as a person, to portray the essence of said character. And sweetie, Norma is giving it to y’all straight, and WITHOUT talking. Talk about a standing ovation.


Norma, played by actress Annie Golden, is a mute inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. She landed herself behind bars for… gasp…. killing her cult-leading husband. I won’t say much you guys, but it’s a juicy storyline. I’m just here to give a little background.

Norma struggles with a substandard speech impediment. She stutters so badly, that as a teen she stopped talking altogether. Strangely, she sometimes finds her words through singing. Quite beautifully, might I also add. And even in her piercing silence, she still remains one of the most vocal characters. Norma displays her emotions directly through her facial expressions and her body language, and you feel each emotion with her.

For my OITNB super fans, remember in Season 3 when Norma had the other inmates literally worshipping her? (Definitely a page from her late husband’s book). She led her prison cult without uttering a mumbling word. Her influence stretched so far that her followers thought they saw her face in a piece of toast. And y’all… THEY STARTED WORSHIPPING THE TOAST TOO! Under the sound of her silent voice.

Via Fandom

Ms. Norma Romano is that girl, period. She is the epitome of talent. With her non-existent voice, she led many. She was a friend to some, and an inspiration to others. A true pioneer.

Come on, friends. Let us give Norma her flowers while she is still here.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Today is the first day of October. A new day, and the beginning of a new month. And with the beginning of this month, I get to celebrate an awesome victory. After weeks of studying, today I have finally gained my health insurance license to be a registered health insurance producer in Alabama, as well as 22 other states.

Now first let me just say, I by no means was expecting to be pursuing the current career path that I’m on right now. And I definitely didn’t know I would need to pass a state exam to continue on in this career. Sweetie, when I say I was done studying after undergrad. Or so I thought. The joke was definitely on me.

A visual representation of me when my employers told me I had to study

School has always been my strong suit. Not to brag, I lacked in other areas (shout out to all the sports teams I was never good enough for). But what all the other kids who thought I was smart never knew about me, was how anxious school made me feel. Taking tests made me feel like a brick was on my chest. In fact, I’ve failed a few tests, and done mediocre on A LOT more, just because of how anxious I tend to get. History sure repeated itself, because the same thing happened to me about two weeks ago when I failed my first exam attempt. Yeah, you heard me right. And by three points! Can y’all believe that?

The overachiever in me was sad for about 10 minutes, and then I pulled myself together. I always strive to do my best, and I beat myself up every time I feel that I have fallen short. Fortunately, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. My employer allowed us two attempts at their expense. Even though it seemed like my first attempt was a failure, I gained an opportunity for additional study time, and I knew what to expect when taking the test this time around.

You see, although my victory may have seemed delayed, it was for the better. Failing the first time around allowed me to improve myself. I could study more, and because I knew what to expect this time around, I had a better grip on my anxiety. You see kids, the moral of the story is this: Delayed does NOT mean denied. My pastor in church one day said something along the lines of, “God teaches us that sometimes we can’t have those things that we want the most when we want them, because we may not be ready to handle them just yet”.

Be patient y’all. Keep pushing toward your goals and dreams. It is better to try, fail, and try again, than to live life without trying at all. Go your hardest in everything you do. Don’t allow those small setbacks to KEEP you back. Because eventually, there will be a new day. Another chance to try your best. A new first day of the month.


Wake up, wake up. It’s the first of the month!

Magic City Mac N’ Cheese Festival

Attention Mac n’ cheese Lovers: Boy, do I have a special treat for you guys!

The Community Grief Support’s Junior Board in Birmingham, AL will be hosting their Third Annual Mac N’ Cheese Festival! This is an event you don’t want to miss!

You can satisfy your cheesy craving on October 6 from 1-4 PM in Macy’s upper parking lot in Brookwood Village. Enjoy this guilty pleasure without the guilt, because this annual festival raises awareness for a great cause! All proceeds will be given to Community Grief Support to help fund free grief support groups, as well as grief counseling and community education.

Bring the kids to enjoy free activities while being surrounded by Birmingham’s finest food vendors. From meat-lovers to a vegan diet, Magic City Mac N’ Cheese Festival is sure to have something for everyone. You can purchase tickets at the link above!

Young Boss on the Rise: Meet Taresha Davis, CEO of TRAN$rich Apparel

Before we get started here you guys, this post is literally about myself. That’s it. That’s the sentence.

Being brought up in a household where you may not have always gotten what you wanted, (and let’s be clear, my folks gave me their world) but you had EVERYTHING you needed, I consider myself to be very blessed. Growing up, people were under the impression that I was spoiled. And I won’t lie, I can see how someone would gather that. If you guys could have been a fly on the wall, wow. Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, I want to say that every ounce of hard work and determination I have stems from you guys. I wouldn’t be the budding entrepreneur that I am without y’all.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
TRAN$rich Apparel

We all have to spread our wings and fly from the nest at some point, right friends? Well I just so happened to spread mine when college called my name. The first few semesters on campus were okay. No bills, no worries, right? WRONG. Sophomore year hit me like a mighty rushing wind. The dorm life was above me now, and I packed my bags to take on an off-campus apartment. Let’s just say the struggle was, and is STILL real.

Now here is where I’ll get personal. One of the hardest times in my life was because I was struggling financially. During my senior year of college, I had more bills than money, and that’s a fact. And being as transparent as possible, I had even less faith than money. My pride would also block a lot of blessings. Even as a kid, I was always ashamed to ask for help, parents included. Honey, let me tell you, a year older and wiser, I won’t be turning down any more handouts, okay! Being broke can be depressing. Not knowing if I would make my portion of the rent (hey roommates) had me overly stressed, and mentally in a bad place. I felt that every morsel of faith I had was depleted.

Although I always worked while being in college, my job at the time tended to be unreliable. Here’s a guess: I was a server. When the money is good, it’s GREAT, but again, inconsistent. Not to mention, I also wanted more for myself. One night in October (2018), your girl was having one of those days, and then something clicked. I had had enough of feeling bad for myself. There is no test without a testimony. Can I get an Amen? In this day and age, you can literally be whoever or whatever you want. LITERALLY. So if a 69 year-old can identify as a 20 year-old, why can’t this litte broke girl identify as a rich woman?

That night, my clothing brand, TRAN$rich Apparel was born. With the tag line ‘Rich Mindset. Rich Lifestyle.’, TRAN$rich fully embodies being comfortable in whatever your current financial situation may be. This is where the good part comes in, friends. You don’t have to stay there! Now I’m about to drop some jewels. Y’all ready? So a man (or woman) thinks, so is he/she. Prepare your mind for your destiny, and the rest will be sure to follow.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
TRAN$rich Apparel

Just recently, I have closed down my store to revamp operations. This is a temporary halt for the betterment of my company, so be on the lookout for a re-release coming soon. Although I do have a current pause on business, I continue to go hard for my brand every day. Dreams don’t work unless you do, kids. And I will continue to work to see my dream be fulfilled.

Y’all ready to work?

Original photo by Taresha Davis
TRAN$rich Apparel

DOUBLE DIGITS: My 22nd Birthday

Original photo by Taresha Davis

Since my birthday was in June and I just started blogging LITERALLY in the last days of September, it seems like I’m a bit behind. Let’s rewind shall we? Before we get started, let me first take a moment to acknowledge all the Gemini’s all over the world. I see you guys, even y’all in the back!

Okay, back into the swing of things here. So as I was saying, my birthday was June 20, and I had been thirsty to celebrate my day in a major way. Like the broke girl I am, I scored an awesome Groupon deal for a two-day cruise to Grand Bahama Island. I know y’all are thinking “Two days, big deal” right? But seriously it was perfect. At the time, I worked 12-hour shifts overnight, and the cruise fit perfectly into my work schedule.

Original photo by Taresha Davis

Blonde braids and boyfriend in tow, we set sail from West Palm Beach to travel aboard the Grand Celebration. And may I just brag on Florida for a moment, please? Thank you to the whole state for Wawa, seriously. The drive from Alabama to WPB was SEVEN HOURS, and Wawa made the trip sooo worth it. If you know, you know.

This was my second cruise. Compared to the first one, the boat was smaller, but equally an overall awesome time. The island I visited was an industrial island, ie. the beach wasn’t there, sweetie! MILES AWAY. If you’re adventurous, like myself, you’ll trust the locals to drive you to the beach. If you notice the photos on this blogpost, you’ll see I trusted my adventurous instinct ; ) The beach was beautiful and everyone was friendly. In case y’all haven’t heard, everyone is nice on vacation. If you ever read this: thank you to all my boat buddies who got me birthday drinks. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

From meeting locals on the beach, to sharing dinner on board with fellow Grouponers, I couldn’t imagine a greater way to bring in my 22nd birthday.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
Original photo by Taresha Davis
Original photo by Taresha Davis

Adventure With Me!

Freeport, Bahamas 6/20/2019

Hey… yeah you! Want to join me, as I indulge in this winding adventure we all know as life? If you answered yes, this blog is the place for you! If you answered no…. well, give it a try anyway… please?

Think of this blog as a reflection of me, as I give an insight into my life, while simultaneously figuring it out myself! (Adulting is no joke you guys)

Follow along as I get personal, documenting my life, my travels, my fairly new home (Huntsville,AL), urban culture, and whatever else comes to my brain.

Ready to set sail?