Rhythm and Flow

Before I get started, did y’all watch Rhythm and Flow on Netflix? If not, y’all can exit stage left until further notice. There will be some spoilers!

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Netflix’s first ever hip-hop talent show, Rhythm and Flow, premiered earlier this month. Judges T.I., Chance The Rapper, and Cardi B went on a search to find rap’s next super star. Each judge visited their hometown (Atlanta,Chicago, and New York) to see what their city had to offer. They also identified with a person that they felt stood out the most during their visit home. The show was actually filmed in Los Angeles, so guest judge, Uncle Snoop Dogg, helped to choose some candidates from his hometown as well.

Like any competition show, you get a background story on a few of the contestants. You know every competition has to show a few story lines here and there, chile. Like I stated previously, each judge had a person that they felt was a strong candidate. I myself had my favorites. And I have my reasons, too. This show was beyond entertaining! You could go from laughing out loud to being in a living room concert within five minutes, y’all. My list ranges from the most underrated, to my all time favorite. Let’s get to it:

5. Sam Be Yourself:

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My boy Sam is EASILY one of the most underrated contestants on the show. Y’all know I’m always rooting for the underdog. Although Sam Be Yourself May not have been the best fit to be the next biggest rap star, he does have the work ethic, and the talent to take him even further. Like seriously, he plays the guitar, piano, makes beats, and the list goes on people! I see many producer credits in my crystal ball for this young man. Detroit definitely has another native to be proud of.

4. BigMouf’ Bo

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Sorry to everyone else, but this girl was one of my favorites, just based on personality alone. During her rap battle episode, Bo got into an argument with another contestant after she thought someone was laughing at her. From my standpoint, it seemed to be a matter of miscommunication, HOWEVER it made for great TV. (I’m laughing just thinking about it). Like, I was in tears, y’all. She was eliminated shortly after, but she definitely used the time she had to make people remember her.

3. Flawless Real Talk

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As it turns out, Flawless Real Talk isn’t so new to being in the spotlight. The Rhode Island rapper was featured on BET’s HIP HOP Awards Cypher just last year. Now I’m going to keep it a buck with y’all, and say I thought Flawless was a little weak in his earlier performances. He definitely proved himself as the competition began to escalate. His performance with Jhené Aiko covering ‘Stay Ready’ was EVERYTHING.

2. Beanz

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I was so disappointed when Beanz didn’t make it further in the competition. She definitely deserved to be in the top 5 contestants. Honestly y’all, when she said she was a monster, I doubted her. Never judge a book by its cover! She ATE during her cypher challenge.

1. D Smoke

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Y’all should have known I would save the best for last! From beginning to end, D Smoke showed the talent of a true artist and performer. He undeniably deserved to be the winner. In fact, I knew he was going to win the moment he rapped in Spanish. Yes, y’all. A bilingual rapper. I have to be honest here… his finale performance killed everybody’s. He went from being a Spanish and music theory teacher in Inglewood, CA to being a rising superstar. Congratulations to this man!

I was definitely here for this first season of Rhythm and Flow. I know Netflix is really going to bring the heat with a second season. All I ask is that they keep the same panel of judges. (Like my opinion matters). If you haven’t watched the show yet, don’t worry honey, it’s still on Netflix. You call also stream the top 8 finalists’ performances on Tidal, and download the soundtrack on Apple Music. You’re welcome.

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