Food Adventures: Beast Mode Food Truck

Y’all. Yesterday was Foodie Friday, and I have some news that I MUST share. I had the best burger of my entire life! And yes, I’m sure. (Trust me, I have eaten A LOT of burgers). Let’s all take a moment to witness the thing that changed my life. My mouth is still watering.

The Cuban Burger

Original photo by Resha K.

Let’s rewind for a moment here, friends. I need to go into full detail about how I stumbled upon this gem.

Like any other normal lunch break, I left my cubicle to satisfy my hunger for 30 minutes. But yesterday, I was on a mission. You see, I have been following Beast Mode Food Truck on social media for MONTHS! They’re typically in the same area of my office building, but for whatever reason I miss them every time. The stars must have aligned for me yesterday, because one of my biggest food adventures came into fruition (Not to mention I’m totally a food truck advocate).

Original photo by Resha K.

What y’all are experiencing right now is the Cuban Burger. Voted Huntsville’s Best Food Truck Dish, this baby is made with a 50/50 beef and Italian sausage blend patty, smoked ham, smoked Boston butt, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, honey mustard, and all stacked between a beautiful brioche bun. Sweetie…..


A representation of me after the first bite

I’ve never been more impressed. Not only was the food awesome, but the customer service was through the roof. The owner had such a beautiful spirit and inviting smile. I’m sure I will be a regular from here on out. I even brought my coworkers with me! I’m more than certain, it goes without saying that they were pleased as well.

Spring Mix Salad w/ Homemade Balsamic Fig vinaigrette

Original photo by Amanda Maforah
Bordeaux Burger

Original photo by Resha K.

If you guys are in Huntsville, or surrounding areas, I 100% recommend Beast Mode to be your first stop in the city! And tell them Resha sent you! I have included some links throughout this blog so you guys can stay connected. Also follow them on Instagram @beastmodefoodtruck to see their location each week!

Where should I adventure next, friends?

Talk About It: Is Fall Finally Making Its Arrival?

I don’t know about you guys, but sweetie… is fall fashionably late or what??? Ms. Autumn is definitely showing out, and I’m bothered. Now according to my almanac, the seasons were supposed to begin changing on September 23. If you’re reading this, you very well know that we’ve stepped into October. Some of you all may already be carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, but I’m in Alabama, and I’m STILL waiting.


This past weekend, Huntsville was a host for multiple events. Special shout out to my alma mater, Alabama A&M, for snagging the win for homecoming. People came out from everywhere this weekend to participate in what the city had to offer. And… so did the sun, y’all! Coming in at a whopping 97 degrees. Whew chile.

Via Twitter

You guys, I was sweating bullets! The heat knocked me off my feet, and knocked my wig off my head. Literally. Before homecoming started, there was a street festival held in Madison, AL. Beautiful event by the way. But the sun was so draining, that I was too exhausted to continue on in anymore daytime homecoming activities. I missed that jet.

Strangely enough, the weather made a drastic change the Monday AFTER homecoming. See y’all, fashionably late. There was a consistent rain fall with a temperature around 65 degrees for the day. My wig and I were no longer in harms way. Now here comes the tricky part; the weather in Alabama is unlike any other. It’s truly an experience, as it has a mind of its own. Especially here in Huntsville. The weather may change from snowing, to sunny, to rainy, and that’s all in one day folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m really counting on the weather to pick a side and stay there. But knowing the weather here in Huntsville, I won’t put my bottom dollar on it. Y’all keep me and my wig in your thoughts as we try to make it through this fall season.

Where are you guys reading from? If the weather is nice, I would LOVE to come!