Alexis Crawford: May You Rest In Peace

My heart is really hurting to write this post. First and foremost, rest in heaven to such a beautiful soul, Alexis Crawford. Although I did not know this young woman personally, she could have easily been me. Any life taken, especially one taken with malicious intent, is a life gone too soon.

Alexis Crawford

Earlier this week, I posted to my social media accounts that Alexis, 21 and a student of Clark Atlanta University, had been reported missing. According to the Atlanta Police Department, on October 27, Alexis filed a police report against her roommates boyfriend, Barron Brantley, 21, for making unwanted sexual advances towards her. This was only three days before her disappearance on October 30. Just short of a week later, her body was found in a park in DeKalb County. Both the roommate, and the roommates boyfriend, are now being held as the primary suspects in this case.

Barron Brantley

I think we can all piece together what happened here, and that alone makes this even sadder. Police Chief, Erika Shields, provided information that not only were the two girls roommates, but they were also good friends. Her name is Jordyn Jones, and reportedly was the last person to see Alexis alive. She was also listed as a witness on the police report.

Jordyn Jones

My spirit is really troubled by an article I read, going further into detail about how all of this connects. You see, not only did Alexis experience these unwanted advances from the boyfriend, but she claimed to black out, and couldn’t remember what happened to her after Brantley followed her into her bedroom. Jones later saw Brantley standing shirtless, after repeatedly knocking on the bedroom door. He claims the two did not have sex.

Although the Atlanta Police Department did not specifically clarify, it was stated that either Jones or Brantley led them directly to where the body was. As of today, Brantley has been arrested, and charged with murder. Jones, 21, has a warrant out for her arrest, and is expected to be charged with murder as well. Sources say they think Jones has possibly fled Atlanta. This is a developing story, so more details will be sure to follow. Please keep this family, as well as the student body of Clark Atlanta University uplifted in this time of grief.