Hot Grits

I’m truly a Southern Belle. Born and bred in Eufaula, Alabama. If you know anything about us country girls, it’s that we don’t play about our food, especially our grits.

Maybe a month or so later my husband and I finally ran into these Jim Dandy grits at Publix! Or maybe they found us? Super excited, I rushed home to make one of my all-time dinner favorites: fried catfish with cheese grits. Hot grits.

Success, finally! I had really missed the taste, but I think I more so missed the comfort that that down home meal brought back to me. Connections to memories from food are so real to me. Suddenly, those hot grits began to tell me a story, and one that I needed to be reminded of.

You see, I realized that more than the meal, I had been missing myself. The greatest component to any meal is love. You can feel it in the food, and that’s what truly gives you the feeling of fullness. That meal made me come back to myself. When I was a little girl, let’s say around elementary school age, I had a pastor who i absolutely LOVED! And he would always push me