What College Didn’t Teach You: The Post-Graduation Journey

College may have been the best time of your life, or it could have been one of your biggest challenges to date. You met some really cool people along the way, and yet, there were those who you also had to leave behind. This day didn’t come by surprise! You dedicated your time and hard work FOR YEARS, and today is the last day of your college career. You hair is laid for life, or your haircut is on fleek (hey fellas!) Numerous clips of you shaking the hand of your institution’s president, in exchange for that incredibly expensive piece of paper, have played in your head repeatedly. Everything up to this moment has unfolded exactly how you planned. Your tassel has now been moved from right to left. Your degree is secured, and you’re free to party until the sun comes back up. The sun just came up… so now what?


Maybe you will go back to school? More degrees, more money, or so they say. I’m still doing research on that. There are those of us who will be gainfully employed only days after graduation. (Pat yourself on the back, great job!) There will even be a select few of us who will get to travel abroad, and indulge in perfect freedom before having to dive into the real world of adulting. And then finally, there are those of you like myself: young and just trying to figure things out.


Up until about 30 seconds before I graduated, I felt like I had everything under control. I have always been the person who operates according to plan. And then college graduation approached, and every plan went out the window. My job at the time was paying me pretty decent, and even though it wasn’t in my field, I stayed with it for a while. I didn’t have a solid next move.

I told my parents approaching graduation that I just wanted to be genuinely happy and financially stable no matter what I did next. There were a lot of days that I was mentally unhealthy during the end of my senior year, and I feel that at this time, living my best semi-unstructured life is working for me. Reaching a higher place in life is a top priority, and I am still actively looking for jobs in my field. I am also chasing my dreams by hosting this blog as well as a podcast. As of now I’m happy. Working towards building a greater financial stability. But happy. And eventually, I will land that job. Speak things into existence kids, it works.


You see, kids, college prepares you for many, many things. We learn lessons about our future occupations, while gaining a comprehensive outlook on this well-rounded education. But no amount of school work will prepare you for the real life lessons you get from college. All the math equations in the world couldn’t help you figure out why you’re short on the rent this month. Or why all of those sure fire resume building tips still haven’t landed you a job yet.

College taught me to never give up. Ever. So what you don’t have that office job you set your heart on. Or the internship you held each summer didn’t land you the job you thought would surely be yours. No testimony without a test right? You have so much life to live. And when it feels like you haven’t done enough, just remember you haven’t been grown long enough yet. Keep swimming.

Talk About It: Is Fall Finally Making Its Arrival?

I don’t know about you guys, but sweetie… is fall fashionably late or what??? Ms. Autumn is definitely showing out, and I’m bothered. Now according to my almanac, the seasons were supposed to begin changing on September 23. If you’re reading this, you very well know that we’ve stepped into October. Some of you all may already be carving pumpkins and watching scary movies, but I’m in Alabama, and I’m STILL waiting.


This past weekend, Huntsville was a host for multiple events. Special shout out to my alma mater, Alabama A&M, for snagging the win for homecoming. People came out from everywhere this weekend to participate in what the city had to offer. And… so did the sun, y’all! Coming in at a whopping 97 degrees. Whew chile.

Via Twitter

You guys, I was sweating bullets! The heat knocked me off my feet, and knocked my wig off my head. Literally. Before homecoming started, there was a street festival held in Madison, AL. Beautiful event by the way. But the sun was so draining, that I was too exhausted to continue on in anymore daytime homecoming activities. I missed that jet.

Strangely enough, the weather made a drastic change the Monday AFTER homecoming. See y’all, fashionably late. There was a consistent rain fall with a temperature around 65 degrees for the day. My wig and I were no longer in harms way. Now here comes the tricky part; the weather in Alabama is unlike any other. It’s truly an experience, as it has a mind of its own. Especially here in Huntsville. The weather may change from snowing, to sunny, to rainy, and that’s all in one day folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m really counting on the weather to pick a side and stay there. But knowing the weather here in Huntsville, I won’t put my bottom dollar on it. Y’all keep me and my wig in your thoughts as we try to make it through this fall season.

Where are you guys reading from? If the weather is nice, I would LOVE to come!