Talk About It

What’s up guys and girls! Welcome to my new tab, ‘Talk About It’, where I’ll be serving up the freshest tea. And y’all know it’s going to be piping hot! For all my messy readers (Hey y’all!) this might be the one for you!


Every topic will be within reach, baby. From my occasional rants (which are usually every day) to the newest single dropping. Want to talk about the best new releases on Netflix? Or which celebs just called it quits? Good, you’re in the right place! Nothing is off the table here y’all. Your girl will be here reporting live. You know how we are about being up to date. And someone MUST keep y’all on your P’s and Q’s, okurr. Guess that’s my que, huh?

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Let’s catch up on our tea together. You know you want to! And besides, its always more fun with a friend.

Y’all ready?