Planet Earth these days is really advocating for plant-based diets, honey. I mean seriously, even McDonald’s has introduced their very first plant-based burger, which is a true pioneer for the fast-food industry. In my next paragraph, I will be showing my TRUE colors, honey. Y’all stay with me for a moment here.

Big kudos to each vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, etc. out there. I see y’all doing your thing! And don’t get me wrong friends, I get my fair share of veggies each day, and I’m never opposed to trying new things, especially food. However, I LOVE to eat okay! And that’s a fact. Since the tender age of 5, my destiny to be a foodie was claimed for me.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
Yes, I eat on paper plates

Just in case you guys are wondering, I have fully accepted my destiny (you guys can giggle here). In fact, the foodie lifestyle is so prevalent in my life that I have chosen to document it here for you guys. With my ‘Tasties’ tab, y’all will have premier access to my foodie life. From home-cooked meals (yes, I do cook) to little spots with lots to offer, I’ll be bringing it all here to you! Excited? I can already smell my next meal. What about y’all?

Ready to find our new favorite Tasties?