Original photo by Taresha Davis
Ocho Rios, Jamaica (May 2018)

Honey, everyone can use a good adventure every now and again, am I right? And before you say anything, I have already told myself I’m right (this is where you giggle).

I know personally, the first image that comes to mind when I hear the word “travel” is me sitting on the beach, and nothing less. Go on a journey with me for a moment, if you will: First, take a moment to smell the salt in the air from the ocean. And then, feel the sand under your toes as you shuffle along the beach to find that perfectly shady spot. Feeling relaxed yet? Great, me too! Now, think of all the different things you might try while on this beach, JUST because you’re in a new place, being exposed to new things. Now, I’m not sure about you guys, but after I opened my eyes from this journey we just took, my wallet still looked the same. I’ll let y’all take a wild guess on that one, but here’s a clue: Your girl couldn’t buy ANYTING on the beach, okay.

Original photo by Taresha Davis
Laplace, Louisiana (September 2018)

Going on adventures, especially in new places is admittedly exhilarating, but for anyone who may be like myself (balling on a SLIM budget) it can often be difficult to afford that next adventure that you want for yourself (holding baby alligators for example). If y’all haven’t heard, it’s hard to have FUN without some FUNDS sweetie. And for that very reason, the inspiration behind my ‘Adventures’ tab was born. Stay with me for a moment here, okay?

Let’s change the narrative about what adventures can truly be. Remember when going on an adventure used to be playing scavenger hunt with your friends after school? Sure you can catch a plane outside of the U.S., but what about those small adventures right in your back yard? Or all of the places you’ve never visited in your own city. Now, imagine that. I’ll raise my hand as a guilty party.

In this next sentence, I’ll be speaking to myself and to all my broke BFF’s: Don’t be intimidated by the sticker price of an adventure! Go and make your own, because the real value is found in the memories you will make. You’ll be shocked at how many of them are free! And while we’re at it, let’s not limit ourselves to just scavenger hunts, okay? Your next adventure could be trying that new ice cream place you’ve been hearing about for the past few weeks! Go and discover all of the Hole In The Wall places your own city and surrounding cities have to offer, your future self will thank you.

Journey with me as I document all of my adventures, both within ‘City Limits’ and ‘Beyond the USA’. I’ll be blogging each adventure outside and inside of the USA, but more specifically, all of the small adventures that Huntsville, AL has to offer. (And especially the cheap ones). I’ll showcase each of my new favorites featuring the Rocket City. Now my question is… where should I start?

Stay connected to see each new blogpost, as well as give feedback about your favorite spots, even if it’s outside of Huntsville.

Ready to adventure?